NEW Funky Aliens Animated Title

Here’s the NEW version of the Animated Title for Funky Aliens:

Since I created a new version of the Funky Aliens Logo, it had to be animated. When I created the original, I used After Effects to created the animation. In this one I did the animation in Toon Boom Animate. To get the sound effects I had to export a draft movie file, import to Adobe Soundbooth CS4 and align the sounds with the animation, then import the compiled audio track back into Animate.

While working on the sounds I decided to adjust the timing on the animation, so I had to re-export the new draft and add the sounds again. A minor thing, since it’s only 5 seconds and keyframe based. I’m very proud of the outcome. It really showcases what I mean by playful in my design work.

Kids Cards Logo

Kidz-KardsHere’s a logo I did for the fun of it. The idea just popped in my head and I just had to bring it to life. To stay true to my style of playfulness, I purposely made the “i” horizontal and used the letter Z instead of S. Initially you might see it as one word, but that’s what makes it kooky; two lines between the K and D makes you read it twice.

I also outlined the logo with a white stroke border so that it could be used on a dark background without losing the drop shadow.

This logo could be used on a greeting card line geared towards children. Combine it with cute and colorful characters and you might have a great, fun brand to work with.

Smart Homes Logo

Looking back on projects I did way back, I found this logo as part of a website design I did as a class project. Since I’m trying to do more character design and logo design work, and less web design, I decided to take this logo and showcase it by itself.

smart homes logo

The website was created back in 2011 as a project for my Web Campaign class. At some point, I might take the site down and archive it. All that will remain is the logo, here on this blog post.

New Responsive Website

At the end of January (last month) I launched my brand new portfolio website. By making it responsive I’ve made it so it can be viewed on any device. Using an adaptive technique using PHP I’ve also made the Portfolio section display the titles of the pieces, instead of using a hover effect like on desktop computers with a mouse. Cuz we all know you can’t hover your finger over an item and get the same result as a cursor.

This site is a big part of my branding campaign and as such it features a mascot character named, “Lancelot” which I’m using on my business card as well as every site that allows me to use it as a profile pic. Continue reading New Responsive Website

I’m working on a new website to replace my current one. A while ago I finalized the color selections for my Mascot, which is also going to be my fursona, and started using them in my new website design.

Recently I put up a “Coming Soon” message on my homepage. Currently I have 1 of about 4 mascot images completed. Next will be the homepage graphic. After that I have the Contact Page and Not Found images to think about.

Overall, I’d say I’m about 60% complete for the entire new site.

Meeting a Cartoon Character

Hi everyone,

This is one of the After Effects projects I did back when I was at Platt. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to animate the character as well as I wanted to. I seem to have done a better job at the augmented reality part of it. Anyways this project was done a few short years ago. The description about it is below the video.

This was the final project from my After Effects class in September 2011. Staring James Miller as James and Lance Erickson as the voice of Hector the Stretchie.

James steps into a holodeck and executes a program selection with augmented reality controls; walks out of a hallway and meets Hector the Stretchie (a Funky Alien character).

The 2D animation of Hector was done using Toon Boom Studio with the bone tool feature. Most of the graphics were made in Illustrator and Photoshop. All compiled in After Effects.